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Tips to sell your car fast

  1. Make sure your add is accurate and very detailed 
  2. Use tools such as Kelly Blue book and set a reasonable price
  3. Upload pictures of both the inside and outside of your vehicle
  4. Be honest about any damage or repairs made to your vehicle
  5. Provide good contact information so that buyer can easily contact you regarding your ad
  6. Reply promptly to inquires about your ad, or the buyer may find another deal  

Tips to Buying a car

  1. Do research about the vehicle you're interested in purchasing
  2. Set a reasonable price range before searching for a car
  3. Ask the seller detailed information about the car prior to purchase
  4. Test drive the car and have a trusted mechanic inspect the vehicle before purchasing it 
  5. When negotiating a price always respect the seller
  6. Reply promptly when a seller responds to your inquiry, wait too long and the vehicle could sell to another buyer


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